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Baby Doll

*Recommended for ages 16 and older for mature language and situations.

October 25 & 27 and November 1 & 3, 2017 at 10 a.m.

American/Mississippi Classic
Based on the screenplay by Tennessee Williams
Adapted for the stage by Pierre LaVille and Emily Mann

Sensuality and sin in the South

Mississippi Delta, early 1950s, where the accents are thick, the summers are hot, but the livin’ isn’t so easy. Archie Lee has been married for some time to a seductive young woman/child, called only by the endearment of Baby Doll. By agreement with the girl’s now-dead father, the marriage can only be consummated on her 20th birthday, now just days away. Things get steamy and complicated when the manager of a successful nearby plantation swaggers in and sets his eyes on Baby Doll.