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Julius Caesar

*This show is best suited for middle school and high school audiences.

Julius Caesar tells the tale of the fall of one of Rome’s greatest leaders. It is a political drama of the mighty brought low, but it is also a deeply personal tale of seduction and betrayal. As the play opens, Julius Caesar returns in triumph from a civil war. Even Caesar’s closest friends, fear this means the end of democracy in Rome. The crowds demand that Caesar be made a king. But crowds are often fickle, and there are many who think themselves clever enough to sway them. In the end, all audience members are invited to judge who indeed was “the noblest Roman of them all.”

Available for performances beginning January 30, 2018. Study Guide provided.

The Professional Acting Intern Company will tour Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar in the Spring of 2018. Contact Education Director Sharon Miles at 601-948-3533, ext 232 or