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The Selfish Giant

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Adapted from Oscar Wilde’s classic children’s story
By Kerri Courtney Sanders

*Available for touring beginning October 18, 2016.

Oscar Wilde’s classic children’s story about The Selfish Giant who wouldn’t share his beautiful garden becomes a joyous play that touches on themes of friendship, empathy, sharing, and kindness. The Selfish Giant comes home from a long trip to find children playing in his garden. He kicks them out, threatening to bring them to justice for trespassing. But a harsh winter—in the form of comic characters Frost, Snow, and North Wind—brings the realization to the giant that the children who used to trespass in his garden implanted friendship in this special place. The Giant’s heart melts in a life-changing moment, and spring, along with the children, returns to his garden. Audiences will celebrate the gentle message of empathy and kindness in this beautiful show with universal themes.