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Future Focused Fridays: Building the Artist in You Master Classes

Theatre is a discipline unique in itself.  As artist, we must constantly update our knowledge on current industry practices, seek to advance the number of skills we bring to the table and challenge ourselves explore different areas of the craft. Future Building Fridays will feature workshops lead by theatre artist who will offer “on the ground” inspiration for moving forward in the craft!

Classes are offered at $25 for each session. Register today and bring the creative expertise of our art community to your door step!


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Friday, July 10, 2020

10:00 a.m.- “College Auditions 101” Are you considering a future in the creative arts, but need direction on the audition process, finding scholarships and selecting a school? You are not alone.  Connect with upcoming University of Cincinnati freshman, Jeffrey Cornelius and recent Southern Methodist University alumni, Christopher Sferra as they share tips to help you prepare for your next chapter.

11:30 a.m.- “Step It Up” a master class with Xerron Mingo! Dance is the universal language of fun! This class focuses on the fundamentals of modern dance. Learn to shine with a choreographed combination and tools to unlock your flexibility to freestyle. This workshop will help you find the rhythm within for your next real-world audition.

1:00 p.m.- “Finding Your Light” How do you determine if you should focus your energy on stage acting or working the film industry? What challenges do both areas present and when do you need to focus on one or the other? What if we told you that you can have your cake and eat it too? Find out how to navigate a dual industry career with stage/film actress and local favorite JoAnn Robinson.


*No refunds on tuition