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July 13-16, 2017

Summer Camp Show: Once On This Island, Jr.


Cast announcements below!

Produced by the New Stage Theatre Broadway JR Summer Camp

Book and Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens
Music by Stephen Flaherty
Based Upon the Novel “My Love, My Love” by Rosa Guy
Originally Directed and Choreographed on Broadway by Graciela Daniele
Playwrights Horizons, Inc. Produced “Once On This Island” Off-Broadway in 1990
Originally Produced on Broadway by The Shubert Organization, Capital Cities/ABC, Inc.
Suntory International Corporation and James Walsh, In Association with Playwrights Horizons

Directed by Chris Roebuck
Music Directed by Harlan Zackery, Jr.

July 13-15, 2017 at 7:00 pm
July 16, 2017 at 2:00 pm

Produced by New Stage’s Broadway Junior Summer Camp Intensive, Once on This Island JR. is a highly original theatrical adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s popular fairy tale, The Little Mermaid. Through almost non-stop song and dance, this full-hearted musical tells the story of Ti Moune, a peasant girl who rescues and falls in love with Daniel, a wealthy boy from the other side of her island. When Daniel is returned to his people, the fantastical gods who rule the island guide Ti Moune on a quest that will test the strength of her love against the powerful forces of prejudice, hatred, and even death.





Once On This Island JAMAICA Cast List
Little Girl: Hannah Dill
Storyteller 1: Nehemiah Thompson
Storyteller 2: Treasure White
Storyteller 3: Coen Mooney
Storyteller 4: Camille Halverson
Mama Euralie: Claire Porter
Tonton Julian: Alex Forbes
Ti Moune: Lauren Tanaka
Daniel: Timothy Magee
Daniel’s Son: Conner Stallings
Gatekeeper: Jaydin Copas
Daniel’s Father: Harrison Speed
Andrea: Baileigh Hughes
Papa Ge: Jory Tanaka
Asaka: Lauren Hite
Agwe: Keith Palmer
Erzulie: Lauren Brogan
Gossiper 1/Ensemble: Kalyn Giesecke
Gossiper 2/Ensemble: Mackenzie Williams
Gossiper 3/Ensemble: Meredith Mohler
Gossiper 4/Ensemble: Maecy Kate Reed
Gossiper 5/Ensemble: Harrison Palmerton
Gossiper 6/Ensemble: Darby Frost
Villager solo/Ensemble: Oluchi Nwaokorie
Villager solo/Ensemble: Lane Craft
Villager solo/Ensemble: John Henry Turner
Villager solo/Ensemble: Samuel Gaylor
Villager solo/Ensemble: Sarah Fowler
Villager solo/Ensemble: Victoria Chough
Villager solo/Ensemble: Taniah Jackson
Villager solo/Ensemble: Jordan McClelland
Peasant/Ensemble: Aaryka Handy
Peasant/Ensemble: Brian Stallings
Peasant/Ensemble: Avery Stallings
Peasant/Ensemble: Payton Dill
Peasant/Ensemble: Claire Forbes
Peasant/Ensemble: Lucas Morrisey
Peasant/Ensemble: Asia Smith
Peasant/Ensemble: Anabel Morgan
Peasant/Ensemble: Rebecca McWilliams (performs Thursday and Friday)
Grand Hommes Dance Ensemble: Kalyn Giesecke, Mackenzie Williams, Meredith Mohler, Oluchi Nwaokorie, Baileigh Hughes, Aaryka Handy, Maecy Kate Reed, Harrison Palmerton, Darby Frost, Lane Craft, Brian Stallings

Once On This Island BARBADOS Cast List
Little Girl: Natalie Pace
Storyteller 1: Jaja Sanders
Storyteller 2: Arianna Brumfield
Storyteller 3: Arielle Brumfield
Storyteller 4: Emily Rutland
Mama Euralie: Catherine Watson
Tonton Julian: Christopher McDonald
Ti Moune: Hannah Brady
Daniel: Jeffrey Cornelius
Daniel’s Son: Colin Ridgway
Gatekeeper: Reese Robinson
Daniel’s Father: Devin Ranftle
Andrea: Georgia Conrad
Papa Ge: Chris Russell
Asaka: Avery Neyland
Agwe: Phoebe Guinn
Erzulie: Ivy Graham
Gossiper 1/Ensemble: Yasmine Ware
Gossiper 2/Ensemble: Kalen Wallace
Gossiper 3/Ensemble: Grace Bethany
Gossiper 4/Ensemble: Caden Miller
Gossiper 5/Ensemble: Sarah McGaughy
Gossiper 6/Ensemble: Chloe Vizier
Villager solo/Ensemble: Lili Hobdy
Villager solo/Ensemble: Amber Amis
Villager solo/Ensemble: D’Ambrah Watts
Villager solo/Ensemble: Whitten Gray
Villager solo/Ensemble: Alandria Myers
Villager solo/Ensemble: Lucy McCain
Villager solo/Ensemble: Sarah Pittman
Villager solo/Ensemble: Genevieve Kelly
Peasant/Ensemble: Emma Daniel
Peasant/Ensemble: Jessica Smith
Peasant/Ensemble: Avery Rogers
Peasant/Ensemble: Marshall Robertson
Peasant/Ensemble: Logan Heidik
Peasant/Ensemble: Luke Langford
Peasant/Ensemble: Charlie Corkern
Peasant/Ensemble: Isabella Ragazzi
Peasant/Ensemble: Karis Irwin
Grand Hommes Dance Ensemble: Amber Amis, D’Ambrah Watts, Lili Hobdy, Yasmine Ware, Emma Daniel, Jessica Smith, Avery Rogers, Whitten Gray, Marshall Robertson, Logan Heidik, Luke Langford