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Mrs. Mannerly

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It is 1967…the Summer of Love. But for five children on the second floor of the YMCA in Steubenville, Ohio it is the Summer of Etiquette as taught by formidable Helen Anderson Kirk, better known as “Mrs. Mannerly”. Ten year-old Jeffrey is not good at anything but being polite. Obsessed with good manners, he is determined to be the first student ever to achieve a perfect score on the challenging final exam. Mrs. Mannerly has never had a student in her 36 years of etiquette classes achieve that feat. Jeffrey faces off with his classmates (all played by one actor) as he maneuvers his way toward the top to try to take the grand prize! This witty comedy of manners shows the difference between how we present ourselves and who we really are.

Featuring Shirley Simpson & Ray McFarland