BOX OFFICE: 601.948.3533


New Stage “…depends on the kindness of strangers…”

~Blanche DuBois, A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams

You can make a difference by giving a few hours of your time.

Some jobs require a regular commitment throughout the season, say once or twice per show; others are assigned “as needed.” If you have a little free time and want to get involved, look over the list and see if the right assignment is there for you. Contact the theatre at 601-948-3533, ext 222 or for more information.

Ushers, Ushers, we need Ushers
Ushers are New Stage Theatre’s public face.  Every performance must have a crew of ushers to hand out playbills and help the audience to their seats.  Ushers also help with refreshments at intermission. Community service hours are available for qualified youth ushers.

Poster Masters/Mistresses
Posters must be delivered and hung up at pre-arranged sites all over town before every production. How many can you handle? 10? 20? More? Pick up a list of places plus a bunch of posters and give New Stage a huge helping hand.  (Must have your own car and a valid license and insurance.)

Photography/Video Buffs
Are you skilled with a camera? New Stage needs a variety of informal photographs to document off-stage goings-on, from people having fun in the Hewes Room at intermission to special events.

Running Crew
Wonder what goes on behind the scenes while a performance is going on? Well, stop wondering, and help us out. Jobs range from operating a spotlight (we’ll show you how) to moving scenery to running the light board to helping take down a set. Find out what’s really behind some of your favorite special effects.

Artistic/Literary Office
Help to keep the casting files up to date and make audition phone calls. General office assistance is needed. The Eudora Welty New Plays Series is always seeking qualified volunteer readers.

Skilled Painters
Painting skills needed are a brush scumble, distressing, woodgrain, stonework, graffiti, highlights, and shadows. If you have previous painting experience in either scenic painting, fine art, or any of the paint skills above, we would love to know about you.