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Plays in Progress

A Project of the More Than a Building Virtual Summer Camp 2020

A weekend of one-acts plays written by eight youth playwrights!

New Stage Theatre Education Presents: Plays in Progress! A showcase of one-acts plays created by camp participants ages 12 – 17 during the More Than A Building Virtual Summer Camp!

In the process of creating a play, the first public reading is always an important next step for any playwright. When you invite actors, directors, and an audience into your creativity—that’s when your words come to life! The plays were created through a three-week course taught by Camp Director and New Stage Theatre Education Director Sharon Miles. The camp was an interactive virtual theatre experience, featuring all areas of theatre, including playwriting.

The plays feature youth playwrights, youth actors, local professionals, and former New Stage Apprentices from all over the country!

We are constantly amazed at what youth artists are able to create when given the opportunity!

Plays in Progress, Part 1 (click for video)

Saturday, August 6 & 15, 2020
24-hour access beginning at 9:30 a.m.

Divided by Taylor Moore
Featuring: Arielle Brumfield as Brianna, Arianna Brumfield as Bethany, Chance Anding as Jacob, and Sharon Miles reading Stage Directions

Quantum Friendship by Anabel Morgan
Featuring: Sharon Miles as Dylan’s Mom/Stage Directions, Darby Frost as Dylan, Isabella Ragazzi as Rose, and Richard Lawrence as Dylan’s Dad

Gas Station in the Middle of Nowhere by Lucas Morrisey
Featuring: Christopher Sferra as Elvis, Chris Roebuck as Barry, Richard Lawrence as Guy/Tourist, Drew Stark as Arnie, Isabella Ragazzi as Stranger/Man, and Z Travis as Scruffy Man, Sharon Miles reading Stage Directions

Change by Arielle Brumfield
Featuring:Sharon Miles as Mrs. Catchings/Stage Directions, Ashia Benford as Hattie, Timothy Magee as Amell, Cecil Hill Jr as Jarvis, Mandy Kate Myers as Mrs. Miller, and Marshall Robertson as Logan

Plays in Progress, Part 2 (click for video)

Sunday, August 7 & 16, 2020
24-hour access beginning at 9:30 a.m.

Returning Home by Olivia Mathews
Featuring: Cherry Rendel as Riley, Sarah Coleman as Jo, Hannah Smith-Philips as Millie, and Sharon Miles reading Stage Directions

The Missing Piece by Hannah Smith-Phillips
Featuring: Chance Anding as Ray, Marshall Robertson as Jesse, Herman Johnson as Sheriff, and Sharon Miles reading Stage Directions

Divide by Madalyn Weisenberger
Featuring: Sharon Miles as Councilmen, Drew Stark as Captain/General/Announcer/Councilmen, Hannah Richards as Thalia, Jory Tanaka as Hollyn, and Marshall Robertson as Thomas

Allegiance by Arianna Brumfield
Featuring: Sharon Miles as Tomeka/Stage Directions, Jordan Williams as Older Nehemiah, Timothy Magee as Leontavious/Andre, Xerron Mingo as Goon, Ashton Reed as Younger Nehemiah, and Chris Roebuck as Policeman/News Broadcaster